Sunday, September 24, 2006

Arthur Bryant's

I refuse to get involved in the "which KC BBQ is best" conversation. I know my favorites and I respect your favorites, icky as they may be. I cannot claim any sort of advanced barbecue knowledge anyway, since despite having moved to the area in 1993, I've really only been a converted BBQ eater for the past few years.
When we moved into our house, four years ago in October, my husband introduced me to the original Arthur Bryant's. We hop on Brooklyn and in what seems like a blink of an eye, we're pulling into the parking lot and ogling the line out the door. I like the experience of eating at Bryant's as much as I like the barbecue. I like the guys behind the line and the mix of people in the dining room. I like looking at the photos on the wall and I like the way my clothes smell when we leave.
I do however, really love cold barbecue sauce, as crazy as that may sound. And the only way to get the cold sauce with the hot sandwich is to bring the giant pile of meat home, where it can feed us for days and days. Leftover Bryant's is a beautiful thing. And they never ever skimp on the pickles.

my Arthur Bryant's is located at
1727 Brooklyn Avenue


Anonymous said...

Oklahoma Joes >* Bryants

martinoffroad said...

Bryants has good BBQ sandwiches but I tend to go the Ameristar location, I can not bring myself to eat at the original, I have a hard time getting past the pile of dead flies that seem to find their resting place at the bottom of the windows in the front.