Saturday, June 10, 2006


Nothing is quite as tasty as a cupcake - you don't even have to be a cake person to love them. In the great debate of cake vs. pie, I come out firmly on the side of pie simply because of the utter deliciousness that is a perfect pie crust. Flaky, buttery pie crust trumps a soft cake in my house any day of the week.
But pies, even in miniature form, never quite touch the preciousness - the adorability - of the cupcake. BabyCakes, in the River Market, makes just that - precious cupcakes. Even better is that these little cakes, which you almost don't want to eat, are absolutely delicious. We had a lemon cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting, and a strawberry with strawberry buttercream, each for $1.50, and couldn't decide which was our favorite.
Their selection is subject to change, but on the day we went they also had red velvet cupcakes as well as carrot. I'm going back just to try the caramel with the Dulce de Leche icing.

108 E. Missouri Avenue in the City Market
open: Tuesday - Saturday from 10am to sell out

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brooke said...

Haven't been in BabyCakes yet but I bet they had to work overtime to get the stench of cat pee out of the old junk bookstore Todd and Carrie Pacey left them. What a dump that place was! Glad to see something worthwhile and unique has filled the space.