Sunday, June 18, 2006

Red Dragon House

We live just East of downtown, and at least three times a week we drive to the Quality Hill YMCA so that I can feel a little better about all the eating out I love to do. Last week construction forced us to change our normal route and we drove past the Red Dragon House on 8th, which I had to admit I had never even laid eyes on.
We stopped in last night for dinner and it was like stepping back into the Chinese restaurants of my childhood. From the script on the menu to the paper Chinese Zodiac placemats, this Dragon and her date, an Ox, had a dinner heavily steeped in nostalgia.
The food is good, basic Chinese-American fare. I had to order Sweet and Sour Chicken simply because it is what I would have done as a child - I wanted to eat the memory. We the Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Crab Rangoon and Egg Rolls and our meal, with tax, was less than $25. It is the perfect place for a downtown lunch - they have all the standard lunch specials from Monday to Sunday 11am to 3pm.

Red Dragon House
312 W 8th Street


Eric said...

I love this place. Chinese comfort food. It always seems just hidden enough to not be too busy.

Bob Atkins said...

While living in the River Market, my wife and I came to adore Red Dragon. We often gauge a Chinese restaraunt by it's hot & sour soup, and this one is pretty good. Smokey.
But by far, the best dish is the 'Empress Chicken' (sauce on the side) and also the 'Red Dragon Chicken'.

Always very fast and super friendly. The bathroom in the basement, though, is an adventure in itself. We always got take out, though, because we lived so close.

Sara said...

i have yet to use the bathroom....
will do so with extreme caution & maybe with my camera? is it THAT kind of adventure?

heidi said...

Nah, the bathroom isn't scary, just that you have to walk a bit to get there, so it's a little funky. I kept wondering where I was going the first time I needed to use it. I usually spurn Kin Lin because I love Red Dragon so much more.