Thursday, July 27, 2006


This has been a busy week - it has made grocery shopping impossible. The fun part about the house not being stocked with groceries is trying to scrounge a decent meal from the stuff you have around the house, and the stupid part about not grocery shopping is trying to scrounge a decent meal from the stuff you have around the house. We quit trying to have fun with the refrigerator after Monday night's meal, which involved a homemade pizza with pesto, garlic, red bell peppers and chicken sausage. It was awesome - I knew I wouldn't be able to follow that up with anything subpar, like toast. Or apples and popcorn.
Tuesday night, riding on my pizza high, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out, followed by my final birthday present, Lyle Lovett at the Uptown. You can really eat just about anything before you go see Lyle Lovett, because you're not going to remember much about the meal at the end of the night. You will, however, be humming and feeling exceptionally good about life. You will remember Lyle, his Large Band, and why you love Lyle and his Large Band. Maybe you ate, maybe you didn't. Maybe it doesn't really matter.
Thankfully, although it was a meal bound to be forgotten, we chose thoughtfully. We went to Frondizi's, because we wanted to feel good about what we ate, and we wanted to be someplace exceedingly comfortable with excellent service. We had a most-decidedly unforgettable first course. The heirloom tomato salad was served with goat cheese, basil, and balsamic vinegar. The chilled asparagus and English pea soup was refreshingly light and beautifully green. Our main courses - the Kansas City strip with goat cheese polenta and carmelized shallots, and the phyllo-wrapped halibut with roasted red pepper sauce - were expertly prepared. The fish was flaky inside a perfectly crisp crust, and the steak was actually medium rare. I was too eager to move on to our next stop to even consider dessert.
If it hadn't been for Lyle, the meal would've been the star of the night. I allowed myself to forget the details & flavors of the food as I filled my ears and eyes with the concert. I forgot the food. Thankfully, I took notes.

Frondizi's Ristorante
4558 Main Street

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