Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Papa Keno's

There are few pizza places in this city that I haven't tried, mostly due to the fact that I live with a person who is slavishly devoted to pizza. We eat homemade pizza, frozen pizza, Costco pizza, deep dish pizza, big chain pizza, Mom and Pop pizza, free pizza...well, you get the picture. Pizza is a thing here - but my favorite thing, naysayers be damned, is thin crust pizza. I like crust that's thick enough to not get gooey under the weight and moisture of fresh veggies, but thin enough to be crisp and a little bit chewy. I even like thin cracker-style crusts. My ideal pizza is a thin crust with a thin coating of tart and fresh red sauce with cheese and onions. Now if you'd hand me the hot sauce, please, I'll be your friend for life.

Anyhow. I digress.

Papa Keno's, somehow missed in my millions of slices of pizzas eaten, is really awesome pizza. I went for the first time at the beginning of June and now it's one (giant) slice of pizza I actually crave. I've had my standard slice with onion - I've even tried the Colombo (Roma Tomato, Extra Cheese, Extra Sauce, Roasted Garlic and Romano), because the only thing, for me, that competes with onions on pizza is roasted garlic. A hot slice of pizza, a cold beer, and post-pizza garlic breath. That's heaven.

Papa Keno's
417 Westport Road or
7901 Santa Fe Drive in OP,KS


Gestalt said...

Home of the 'big' slice. They also have a spot on the north end of the downtown OP district.

m.toast said...

Home of the huge, greasy, delicous 'big' slice.
[fxt] : ^ )

I have not ever been much of a fan of the thin crust device, but Governor Stumpy's has done much to change my mind...

Gestalt said...

my mistaske... you posted the OP location

Sabine said...

Also in Lawrence on Massachusetts Street