Sunday, August 13, 2006


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We had a very food-centered Saturday, starting at the Bluebird for breafast and ending at Tarantino's for calzones. Those places all by themselves are entries for another day, because today I'm enjoying the cheese slipper we bought at Fervere.
It's not greasy like other cheese breads, and it isn't overwhelmingly cheesy - instead it's like the perfect marriage of cheese and bread - soft, chewy and slightly salty. I've brought home the orchard bread, fat with dried fruits, and the polenta bread, which had the best texture, but you can go and try for yourself all the available varieties from the generously cut samples on the counter. There's even olive oil for dipping.

1702 Summit
Thursdays & Fridays, open 11 to 7 (or until sell out)
Saturdays, open 9:30 to 7 (or until sell out)


Darla said...

I'm in Wichita, and love to read about the restaurants in KC, as we are frequent visitors. Where are Bluebird & Murray's Ice Cream located?


Sara said...

Hi Darla!
The Blue Bird Bistro is located at 1700 Summit Street in KC.
Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies is in Westport at 4120 Pennsylvania Ave.