Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Recipe for Cool

It's just too hot to do anything but eat popsicles and drink lots and lots of ice water. I've been stockpiling Edy's Frozen Fruit Bars in Lime and Lemonade flavors. Here, to help you cool off, are FIVE excellent places (in no particular order) for frozen treats for when your brain starts to feel melty...

Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies
4120 Pennsylvania

Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard
6235 Brookside Blvd

Paleteria Tropicana
830 Southwest Blvd

Balsano's Gelato Cafe
428 Ward Parkway

Sheridan's Frozen Custard
Locations all over metro area...


Kara said...

Oh, you can add this place to you list:

Sara said...

I'm sold. I'm going to try it tomorrow! Thanks, Kara!
Any suggestions on what I should try??

Scott said...

If you're ever in Raytown, check out Doc's Sorbet and Ice Cream Co. It's at 5300 Blue Ridge Blvd. They make all of the ice cream and sorbet there. It's delicious!