Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Record Bar

We go to the Record Bar for the music, not the food, as I am usually not one to mix my drinking establishments with my eating establishments. It seems like when I go out with friends, we typically hit places where the food is horrific at best, merely passable at least. McCoy's Public House is the bright shining exception to that rule - and I guess the exception list just doubled now that I've had pizza at the Record Bar.
The pizza was a do-it-yourself affair, with a great list of ingredients that you can apply to making your own antipasti platter, sandwich, pasta, or pizza. Of course, there are three pizzas on the menu to choose from, if you're more comfortable leaving your choices up to someone else, but with ingredients like capicola, gongonzola, or might as well get creative.
The '45s are the perfect size for one, and mine - with grilled chicken, pepperoncinis, and red onion, was loaded with ingredients on an excellently chewy and flavorful crust. Try it out on a Tuesday night, when they have the Honky Tonk Supper Club with Rex Hobart, which starts at 7.

Record Bar
1020 Westport Road


Anonymous said...

The Record Bar's pizzas are one of the best kept secrets in town. They're just amazing.

- jw

Anonymous said...

Too bad the service there blows. That fat blonde waitress is a total bitch and a few of the bartenders are real a-holes.