Tuesday, October 31, 2006

November is Present

Click here for the November issue of Present Magazine.
The Ungratefood Food article is all me. And all jiggly-like.


Sara said...

Very nice! We do the lime jello/pineapple thing at Thanksgiving every year but use sour cream instead of cottage cheese.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I usually agree with you on foodstuffs. But calling sweet potatoes and marshmallows an "abomination"?! That's just unamerican, lady.

Tate said...

Tate says "hey." And back off the green bean casserole, b@#$!

Sara said...

Tate! I LIKE green bean casserole!

And sweet potato pie is one of our Thanksgiving staples. No marshmallows, though. I'm not a marshmallow person.