Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Call me Mrs. Bento

I like my postal carrier quite a bit. She brings dog treats at the Holidays for our pup and is always very friendly. It isn't her fault that she brings bills and junk mail and that the very best packages are left for our UPS guy. When I see that big brown truck parked in front of my house, I know it's for something good. The UPS man can sometimes make me giddy.
Today he brought me this box:Which, when opened, brought me my newest favorite thing:
A Mr. Bento, the world's most perfect lunchbox. My friend Sara blogged about hers (complete with photos) a couple of weeks ago and I coveted it, dreamt about it, obsessed over it, waited to buy it, watched it go up $4 on Amazon, and then finally bought the damn thing. Let the compartmentalized lunch-making begin. I am so excited.
(So that you can share in the madness, here is the Flickr Group of Mr. Bento photos. Looking at other people's lunches can be very very interesting. And inspiring.)

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