Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Drop

I've been meaning to drop in at the Drop for some time now. I like the whole 31st Street thing - not so much the "Martini Corner" thing - but the actual vibe of the street and the development that is going on around there. I like the old homes, the new lofts and the fish tacos at Sol Cantina. I like to sit outside at the Velvet Dog and watch low clouds envelop the KCPT tower on weeknights. I even enjoyed the low seating and the dimly lit vibe of the Buddha Bar. You can still get a little of that vibe at The Drop, though the music has been swapped for 80s tunes and weirdly nostalgic videos on the televisions. An upgrade has taken place in the kitchen, however, where you can get crunchy, imaginatively-filled paninis and interesting bruschettas for lunch and dinner.

We sampled three of the paninis on a recent evening and found two to be pretty outstanding - the Smoked Turkey and the P.L.T. The paninis themselves are thin and perfectly grilled - the ciabatta was crisp with just the right amount of chewiness and the focaccia had a dense interior and a perfectly crisp exterior. You can enjoy the flavors of all the toppings - none were overdone - the oven-dried tomatoes were pungent and the pancetta was salty and good. For the starters, the white bean hummus was speckled with sesame seeds and a great accompaniment to one of their martinis.

The Drop
409 E 31st Street

mon-fri 11am to 1:30am
sat 5pm - 1:30am
sun 5pm - 12am


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... Just came back from The Drop as it happens. In fairness I am still more than a little buzzed. The service at the bar was great. It was like having the recommendation service in a bartender. If you go I highly recommend the Red Wine Martini.

It somewhat reminds me of The Cup and Saucer with the blue/black/exposed brick decore.

I have to wonder about the future of a place in the mid west that bases its future on fancy cheese.

Their menu mainly consists of Brie options. The brie is so so, and the bread it comes on is just plain flavorless and boring.

The Brie flavor options are acutally pretty well though out, and the ingrediance are fresh.

Over all if you are a serious foodie (food snob) you will not be impressed, and neither was I. When you stop to consider that it is really just bar food, it is really pretty good.

Allen said...

As a new and devout fan of The Drop I would like to take a moment and clarify a few of 'anonymous' comments.

" brick decore."

- I go to The Drop several times a week and I have found the color blue nowhere except the restrooms. Their color scheme is dark gray and green. Blue?

"Their menu mainly consists of Brie options."

-Looking at the menu online, I count justthree items that contain brie. One of which is a CHEESE PLATE! There are over 30 items listed on the menu. That amounts to mere %10. Hardly what I would call a majority.

" is really just bar food..."

-What do you think a bistro is? Strange comment from a self-proclaimed foodie.

All in all I question every aspect of your review. Did you even eat at The Drop? I love the place and I think it is great. Next time maybe a few less 'red wine martinis' and valuable post could be presented.

Sara said...

Allen, I just assumed that "anonymous" was drunk. Maybe I should stop publishing drunk comments.