Friday, March 02, 2007

Room 39

We had lunch at Room 39 today, and it was truly a perfect lunch. We got there early enough to sit at a nice table (although I like all the tables there the same) and eat their wonderful warm bread with meltingly good butter. I had fresh-squeezed lemonade simply because it was sunny outside and I wanted to celebrate that a little. It was perfect - tart, but not too tart. Sweet, but not too sweet. And then, to completely clash with my lemonade, I had the winter risotto. The arborio rice still had the perfect amount of firmness, the oyster mushrooms were curled little pieces with a really pleasing texture, and the butternut squash was perfectly paired with the romano cheese.
My husband's steak and egg sandwich featured steak that was grilled to the perfect point with a gooey egg on top. Two of his favorite things, really - pink steak and runny eggs. Then they topped it all off by layering it on a soft egg bun with mayo, truffle oil, lettuce, and gruyere.
Our service was perfect - lively and attentive. The sun was shining. It was a good lunch.

Room 39

1719 West 39th Street

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Mike Karr said...

Room 39 is a wonderful place. Excellent coffee bar as well.