Monday, March 19, 2007

Vacation Brain

We leave in one week for NYC. I've not been since reaching adulthood and am excited about the many things we will see, eat. My list of must-eats includes chewy bagels, pizza, and more bagels and pizza. I've been devouring the Chowhound Manhattan boards for super-opinionated opinions, recommendations, and tips.
How about you?? Where do you eat when you visit the Big Apple?


Sara said...

Gahhhh so jealous of your trip! We had a great meal at Steak Frites right off Union Square. We also liked Rue des Crepes in Chelsea. It's near the Chelsea Market, which is GREAT, and there are tons of antique and other cool shops around there, too. Of course you've heard about Serendipity; I was unimpressed with the frozen hot chocolate but the sundaes looked amazing. When we were planning our trip a couple years ago it was ALL about the food for me.

Rebecca said...

Hi Sarah! I used to live in New York and Lombardi's is my favorite pizza, hands down. Thinking about it now is making me hungry. I feel like there are 300 restaurants that I miss dearly, but when I go back I *must* eat real bagels (either at Ess-A-Bagel or Columbia Bagels) and deli food. There aren't substitutes for either around KC.

Dan said...

My son is a student at NYU, and a barrista here:

The fabulous Shake Shack reopened on Tuesday.

Please go to Chinatown and have some soup dumplings for me!!

Email me ( if you want me to give you Sam's email - he's a foodie, and knows the whole range of places to eat.

Sara said...

Crepe Street!
Thomas Keller's bakery!
(And I've been visiting the Shake Shack website to watch the countdown to opening...)
There are just too many good choices - but these recommendations looks awesome.
Thank you thank you thank you.

mandysmusings said...

My hubby and I lived in NY last year, and we just loved the food! Here are some of our favorites: F+B hotdogs on 23rd and 8th ave (fast and cheap), Fanelli's at Mercier and Prince in Soho (great old bar, and fab burgers), Rice on Mott St (great thai/asian/exotic rice), Kiran downtown on Chambers St. (great, affordable Indian. good for quiet dinner), Arriba Arriba (yummy Mole sauce)

enjoy your trip!

Abby said...

You can find a great breakfast at Bubbies in TriBeCa (near Nobu). It's open for lunch and dinner too...I go every time I'm in town. And have you had the creamy, spicy shrimp at Nobu? They have it at Nobu next door too. It's definitely "celeb chef" food, but it is fantastic.

Safe travels!

Mike said...

I was there in January, and I ate at Prune for Sunday brunch - lower east side (1st and first), get there at 10 as it fills quickly. There are lots of tempura/udon/bento places downtown now, so if you get in a pinch, they're on every corner. The power breakfast at Balthazar is really good, and great people watching of dudes in suits. I made the trek out to the Doughnut Plant, (closed on Monday) for amazing donuts, but they're also at Dean and Deluca. You can find all this stuff on the web.

I seemed to be in the Lower East Side a lot on this trip, and I didn't even stay there. Make good use of the ubiquitous Starbucks, but only for their restrooms...

Rebecca said...

Ditto ditto ditto on Prune--their dinner is great too. Balthazar or Pastis is worth a trip for breakfast or late lunch (too crowded at peak hours) for the people-watching! And they are truly gorgeous rooms.