Monday, May 21, 2007

Dessert vs Dessert

After eating dinner on 39th Street, we decide to treat ourselves to dessert. We have two new choices! We can either head down to the newly opened Miami Ice, which has a color and design scheme that makes me feel slightly uneasy, or we can try out Little T's Big Lick, in the space formerly occupied by Angie's. Little T's Big Lick has an unfortunate name, and when pitted head-to-head against Miami Ice, it is chosen simply by virtue of proximity. Sometimes decisions make themselves based on laziness.
After perusing the menu, we settle on custard. They have shaved ice, and the very delicious option of a shaved ice/custard combination, but we go straight for the custard. Straight chocolate for the less adventurous, and some ridiculously indulgent concoction of custard, caramel, Nutella, sliced almonds, whipped cream, and a cherry for me. You really can't go wrong by putting Nutella on anything - remember that. The almonds are unnecessary, and the cherry is donated charitably to the top of the chocolate custard next to me, but the rest of the dessert is a winner. My dessert is $4.88, but a single custard is a very reasonable $1.49 - and if you try out one of their hot dog combos, you can add a single custard or a brownie for a very low price.

Little T's Big Lick
1710 West 39th
open Wed & Thurs 11am - 9pm
Fri & Sat 11am - 10pm
Sunday 12 - 8pm

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Lee said...

We ended up at Miami Ice recently for pretty much the same reason: We had lunch across the street at Fric N Frac. The day was hot and the frozen sweet stuff was all good. I'll look forward to checking out the Big Lick next time we're on 39th.