Friday, August 10, 2007

one month later

tap tap tap

Is this thing on???

Monday the husband goes back to work. I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming, back into the real world of jobs and bills and schedules and, um, real life. The last month has been spectacular. I don't want to leave it.

You have all been patient and lovely.

While we were basking in meals delivered to our door by wonderful friends and family, the world kept turning. We ate salmon (twice!) and spicy pasta salad and pizza and chicken casserole and made beautiful caprese salads with the homegrown tomatoes delivered by our neighbor. We dove into our Costco stash of foods in the deep freeze and ate bowl after bowl after bowl of Cheerios, simply because it was easy. My whole food outlook is a bit different than it was before. We've had carry-out twice. Both times we were so excited it was a little worrisome.

Suddenly, though, I'm starting to think about eating less as a have-to and more as a want-to. I'm starting to get my tastebuds back. When you go from being simply a foodie to becoming someone's primary source of food, everything changes. You examine everything you put in your mouth. Will it make the baby gassy/fussy/upset/rashy? I'm learning now, a month in, to take a deep breath and just see what comes next.


the ulterior epicure said...

Sara. Nice to have found your blog; always looking for other Kansas City food bloggers to read. Congrats on the baby.

::Andrew:: said...

welcome back.

I have had a pressing issue for a while for which I am now recruiting help from food-loving Kansas Citians.

I am looking for a local restaurant in Kansas City that serves Fish and Chips with Salmon instead of the usual cheap, greasy, white fish. I had it in Chicago and it was the best Fish and Chips I've ever eaten (that is, my stomach didn't feel like a bowl of grease when I was finished)... do you, or any of your commenters, know of such a place in KC?

Sara said...

fish and chips with salmon?? i've never encountered it locally...or anyplace for that matter. it sounds delicious.
hopefully someone else can be of help...

Sara said...

J took a month off? Niiiiice! Hope your reintroduction to the outside world goes smoothly.

Lynn said...

::andrew:: - I haven't eaten there, but I noticed that on the menu for Red Robin ( they have something called Salmon and Chips, which is described as "Salmon filets, hand-battered in a light tempura and quickly fried. Served with bottomless steak fries and dill’d & pickle’d tartar sauce."

While I frow on their cutesy spellings, maybe this is what you re looking for?

Sara said...

if you go to red robin, try the malts. with extra malt. if you like that sort of thing.