Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cooped Up & Crazy

It is official. I am stir-crazy and aching for recommendations.
Where have you been lately that has made you happy? What have you eaten, drank, cooked, smelled or enjoyed that I (and everyone else reading here) should know about??
Come on...don't be shy.


Donna said...

Sunday I made Chicken Cacciatore. Today we totally broke our diet and went to the Pizza Hut at Higginsville because it's the only one that has chicken cavatini on the buffet. If winter doesn't end soon, we'll both be bulging out at the seams of our Wranglers.

Kelly Sime said...

I've been munching on ginger basil chicken from Blue Koi. I went to the one in Mission, not on 39th. Definitely not the same crowd, but the menu is just the same, thankfully!

Bob Pedersen said...

I just finished a bowl of quick-cooking barley cooked in Simply Organics vegetable broth and topped with margarine and sea salt. Very comforting.

Jenny said...

oh yes, spicy korean beef and heidi's recipe for mesquite chocolate chip cookies! yummmmmm...

and halwa. not authentic, but the make-shift kind my punjabi friend would concoct in our make-shift dorm kitchen. how can you go wrong with 1 cup of farina toasted in one stick of butter. add 3/4-1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water and raisins to finish it off. purely comfort food with no real nutritional value. oh...but steamy, pudding-ish and good...

Anonymous said...

Room 39!!! All six of us practically licked our plates!

Sara said...

kelly: that ginger basil chicken is the only thing i order at blue koi. on top of those delicious fat noodles, it's like heaven on a plate.

jenny: mesquite chocolate chip cookies??? now i must make those. i'm so intrigued.

thank you and keep the suggestions coming!!

Leah said...

Flaming Spanish coffee! Delicious and the most exciting drink I've ever made. This recipe is pretty close to the one I use, but I don't add brandy. Guaranteed to warm you up!


Also used your potato fennel soup recipe recently. It was great--thanks!

Jean S said...

beef tomato rice at Po's Dumpling House - it's like I'm in Taiwan.

Kirsten said...

We've been taking too many lunches at the Classic Cookie on Wornall. Such yummy soups, and we love that they bring us a complimentary basket of tiny muffins and cookies at each meal.

I'm not sure how you all can eat at Blue Koi without getting Ants on a Tree ... :-)

pomegranate said...

Oh wow.
Adding Blue Koi to my list of places to try.
I don't have much to offer up for inspiration -- I've been lusting over Heidi's site (101 Cookbooks) for days now and dreaming up healthful things and today I ate the biggest, most delicious chili dog ever. Ha.

pomegranate said...

Will you join Yelp?
more info on my blog..

i hate to sound like some sort of wacky chain mail but...I'd love to see you on there recommending great places to eat!! or i'll just keep coming here also. :)

Sara said...

i hate to sound like an old person but i just said:
"yelp? what is yelp?"
okay, i'm coming over to read about it.

Andrew said...

Your photo of Waldy's Pizza made me think of PizzaBella on Baltimore St. If you haven't been, you definitely should try it.
Love your site! It's my new bookmark.

josh said...

Bounced here from PresentMagazine, and I really enjoy your site!
My random "tip"? Flying Dog Brewery has released its Gonzo Imperial Porter. I happened upon it during the most recent episode of my recurring search for big, bold, dark beers, and it did not disappoint!
I found it at Gomer's, and I discovered that the Tap Room has begun carrying it as well. For the uninitiated, the Tap Room is the space next to Waldo Pizza (75th and Wornall) with:
a nice wine selection;
an OUTSTANDING beer selection;
the full, fantastic Waldo Pizza menu;
great service from fun servers;
and it's NON-SMOKING.
Seriously - have a pie, a drink, and go to bed without taking a shower first.

josh said...

What the heck...if you happen to be out at the Legends and are less than enthused about the mostly-bland dining options there, head a couple miles east on Parallel to RJ Barbecue. A true mom-and-pop shop, grab a Jayhawker sandwich(regardless of your college affiliation) and some yummy crinkle-cut fries. For an added bonus, order your sandwich on garlic toast...adds a dimension to the sandwich that is just one-of-a-kind. Caveats: Closed Sunday-Monday, no credit cards.

Nata Harli said...


Thanks for you comments on the Tap Room. I want to patronize more local food joints that are NON SMOKING so I plan on heading in that direction very soon.


Becky said...

try Justice Pharmacy ;) in Smithville ...a top chef experience....always EXCELLENT!