Friday, January 11, 2008

Lutfi's Fried Fish

We went through a serious fried catfish phase. My husband was once even ticketed for speeding in his haste to get a fried fish dinner home while it was still hot. (In the filing cabinet, the file for the ticket says "Blame the fish!") As with all of our phases, this one died out only due to overindulgence and was, yesterday.

Lutfi's Fried Fish is my favorite in town. The breading on their fish is so crisp and just peppery enough and they have delicious fried okra, which is one of the best foods on earth. My love of fried okra is one of the ways you can tell that a significant part of my childhood was spent in the South. When I talk about fried okra, I even get my Southern accent back.

Their fish and okra are never greasy, and the macaroni and cheese makes you feel like you can go out in the winter without a coat. It gives you a protective coating against the elements, which I guess some people might refer to as fat.

One of their catfish sandwiches with a little tartar sauce and a ton of their hot sauce is one of my favorite things. If I was Oprah, I would give each of you one of your own to take home. I'm not, though, so you guys are on your own.

Lutfi's Fried Fish
in Kansas City: 3543 Prospect Ave.
or 6950 Prospect Ave.

in Raytown: 6709 Raytown Rd


Anonymous said...

I remember when your husband and I were stopped for speeding. His partner had circled around to the passenger side with one hand on his weapon while training his flashlight on me, suspicious of my apparent fidgeting.

It was the fish. The hot fish in my lap, officer, and our hungry wives at home.


Anonymous said...

looks much???

Sara said...

We paid $18-ish for two big sandwiches and three sides.