Friday, May 23, 2008

Donut King

Donut King is something we passed by for YEARS before we stopped in. And every time we drove by, I said to myself: That place has awesome doughnuts. You could just tell; it's no strip-mall doughnut spot. It's purple. With big lights around the sign. It's flashy.

And since I need to be in a certain mood to really want a doughnut, and I didn't want to be disappointed - we just kept passing it by. 2 in the afternoon? Not a time for doughnuts. 8 at night? And then, the first time we pulled in the parking lot, my husband got his door open and one foot on the pavement just in time for them to put up the "SOLD OUT" sign. Our date with doughnuts would have to wait.

Finally, just a couple of months ago, the stars aligned and I wanted a doughnut. A Donut King doughnut. And we made it in in time to bring home not only doughnuts, but sausage kolaches. (At Donut King, this is doughnut dough, wrapped around a breakfast or polish sausage and available with sliced jalapenos.) It's not a traditional kolache, it is more of a klobasnek - but whatever, it's like the world's best pig in a blanket. And these are awesome, especially with jalapenos.

Hmmm....what else can I say to make you go there? On Saturdays & Sundays, they have chocolate-covered doughnut holes. They are open until 9pm, for those of you who enjoy the evening doughnut. They have apple fritters, French crullers, and caramel pecan cinnamon rolls. They take credit cards. Are you still reading this?

Donut King
3913 Chouteau Trafficway in Kansas City
Mon-Sat 5am to 9pm
Sunday 7am to 9pm


Sara said...

I think American Airlines takes credit cards, too. Meet you at the Donut King in four hours.

jferg said...

You forgot to mention that if you want your doughnuts filled with something (jelly, fluff, Bavarian cream), they do it on request, they don't have them all pre-made and sitting around for hours getting soggy inside. Damnit, now I want a doughnut.

Sara said...

oh! that is an excellent point that i forgot to mention. freshly filled doughnuts!

sara - you fly here & the doughnuts are on me. as many as you wish.