Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wally's Pastry Shop

(I'm still working on a novel-length post about our trip, but before you think I've left Noodletown to the tumbleweeds, here's a timely post about Birthday cakes!!)

Some little boy turned one this month! And of course there has to be cake. Not just one cake, made with love by his Nana and sprinkled with blueberries (his favorite fruit) but two cakes. The second being from Wally's Pastry Shop, my new favorite spot to buy cakes.

Wally Uhl is a certified master pastry chef who makes beautiful, moist and delicious cakes and more in his little shop on North Oak. The Uhl's have been in business 46 years, 38 in the same location, and stepping inside the shop feels and smells exactly like walking in to your Grandmother's house. The Grandma who loved you unconditionally, thought you were a genius, and had a big spot on her lap just for you. It feels warm inside Wally's, and Mrs. Uhl will make you feel welcome if you'd like to stay and have a pastry at the tiny table inside the shop. (There is a sign behind the counter that says "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice.")

Our cake was a white quarter sheet cake (all the sheet cakes are double-layered with a thick layer of light and buttery buttercream inside), which fed about 25 people. I wasn't specific about the decorations on the top of the cake and was delighted by what I picked up - lettering in delicious chocolate with pretty blue candy flowers. It felt old-fashioned and tasted even better than I expected. From the mess on his face, I think the boy loved it too.

Wally's Pastry Shop
3855 North Oak Trafficway


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Gus!
from Grammer Scanlon

pom. said...

aww, happy birthday, gus!! You're beautiful!! and what a great cake!!!!!!! Wally's is a neat shop.

Kathy said...

Ive been going to Wally's almost all of my life the best pastry there are his Rum Balls try them sometime.