Friday, August 01, 2008

The Foundry

I'm already on board with loving McCoy's and one80, so I kind of figured that when some of the folks behind the scenes at those two places said they were opening another spot in Westport I'd be pretty pleased with what they came up with. Well, they came up with The Foundry: a "Retro, DJ, Dive Bar." It's too nice to be a dive bar, and too modern-esque to be retro, and though I've never seen a DJ there I admittedly am no longer much of a night owl. Semantics aside, I love The Foundry. They have a beer nerds beer selection and a pretty impressive menu of delicious food, along with a nice big outdoor area and really excellent wait staff. The patio overlooks the parking lot but somehow manages to make you feel as though you're not sitting right in a parking lot - and though the inside is fairly industrial looking, it is still a comfortable place to have a leisurely meal and a beer or three.

On our latest visit, we stuffed ourselves on an embarrassingly large Atomic Chili Dog, an Elwood pizza, and a Mean Joe Green vegan burger served with crispy thin french fries. The pizza had a delicious crust topped with a zippy sauce, onions and bacon and could have only been improved had the onions on top been carmelized rather than just sauteed. There is no substitute for a good carmelized onion, especially when paired with bacon. I kind of had to order the Mean Joe Green, as I have a weakness for veggie burgers and when a restaurant makes their own, I'm always game to try it. This was a good one - it was a delicious mess. With white beans, black beans, and a fresh pico de gallo and avocado on top, it was a good sandwich on a really soft roll. The Atomic Chili Dog kind of speaks for itself. Look at the photo. Yum.

I've had a lot of fun drinking my way through their beer menu. I still have a long way to go, but I've tried something new on every visit. They carry some of my favorite Belgian-style beers, including the Delirium Tremens and La Fin du Monde. On our last visit, our waitress recommended the Goose Island Matilda, which was really hoppy and outstanding. They also carry all the McCoy's beers, which just makes your decision-making that much more difficult. Currently on tap is the McCoy's Anniversary Ale from last year, which has aged into a delicious and dangerous ale, at 13%. I'm not going to tell you not to have one, but maybe you should split it with someone. And call a cab.

The Foundry at McCoy's
424 Westport Road


Todd said...

We discovered this place by accident a few weeks ago when McCoy's patio was full, and the hostess told us there was seating availble at the Foundry. We've already been back at least half a dozen times, and I've recommended it to a lot of people. Great concept, great staff, great atmosphere, and a great selection of not-the-same-old-bar-food. I second all of Sara's comments.

Fat City said...

I love the more alcoholic Belgian beers and The Foundry has a great selection of them. It's a great place for "real beer" people. Glad to see you mentioning it.

Nationwide Pools said...

This looks like delicious comfort food!