Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dijon Pasta Salad with Bacon and Peas

I was supposed to make the grocery list today on my lunch hour, but instead I bought a sandwich and spaced out to NPR in the car, so when I came home I knew I needed to decide what to make for the rest of the week. The only thing that kept sticking in my head was that I wanted a pasta salad, so we'd have leftovers for lunch, and I wanted the dressing to have mustard in it. (I always root for mustard during the condiment races at the K - it is the most perfect of condiments.) It seemed like I had seen something somewhere that met those two requirements, so I started hunting through the most recent of the 5 food magazines I subscribe to, and then it hit me. I had seen the recipe yesterday (which explains the bizzarely strong craving) and it was in the newest issue of Cooking Light.
I love food magazines. I love cookbooks. I read them like novels when I'm not reading novels, and I love finding recipe ideas and tweaking them according to our likes and dislikes. This salad is the perfect example. We love pasta with peas (in the wintertime, I throw frozen peas in at the very end of the pasta's cooking time and then toss the whole mess with slightly browned butter and fresh parmesan cheese), and even though I don't eat regular old bacon, I knew we had 8 slices of turkey bacon left in the fridge. I omitted the red bell pepper from the recipe, doubled the peas, and was "generous" with the mustard. It would be a great pick for a potluck, and the tartness of the lemons and dijon plays off the bacon perfectly.
Here's the link to the recipe on Cooking Light's site: Macaroni Salad with Bacon, Peas, and Creamy Dijon Dressing.


mamagotcha said...

Came here through Gone Mild... lovely little blog, keep it up!

Can I ask where your disappointing muffin was found, or are you trying not to diss anyone? I'm from California, and I've been amazed at the propensity of local coffeehouses to keep their baked goods out in the open, drying out and picking up lord knows what from whatever people sneeze onto them. That would be a HUGE no-no in CA! No health department rules about that here, hm?

Always on the lookout for good new places to try... love Mixx, reminds me of a chain called Pluto's out west. Also love Pryde's, but I have a 2-yr-old, which, as you can imagine, limits our time there significantly.

Just had some Bo Ling's tonight... not as cheap as your chinese find, but still so reminiscent of childhood treats!

Anyway, keep up the great work!

B.G. Roberts said...

Just found this blog, and already I LOVE it! GREAT work! I look forward to future entries!

Sara said...

Wow - I'm overhwhelmed! Thanks, everyone, for the support and for visiting!
mamagotcha, my disappointing muffin was from a new little bakery place in the City Market - I didn't catch their name, and wanted to give them time before I dismissed all their baked goods as blah. I try to be fair. :)

Dan said...

Wow. Your blog is what I want to be when I grow up!

Great work!!

scott said...

That pasta salad looks great. I've got to try it!