Sunday, July 02, 2006

Boulevard Bakery

For someone who claims to not be all that wild about cake, I sure have been eating a lot of it lately. Today's cake, in cup form, is brought to you by the good people of Boulevard Bakery, who make a mean cupcake and some pretty awesome cookies as well.
I love patronizing local bakeries. It's easy just to pick up all the baked goods you need at the grocery store, what with the excellent Farm to Market bread and all the completely good-enough cake bakeries at our local supermarkets, but there's something satisfying about walking in to a bakery where they're bringing the stuff out of the back, freshly iced and glazed and warm.
Also, Boulevard Bakery makes just about any shaped cookie you could want. Maybe you'd like a cookie shaped like a frog, a rocket, or Harry Potter?? The list is endless...

Boulevard Bakery
2815 Independence Ave.


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. What a great idea! Keep the posts coming... I'm already learning about some new places in KC that I've never tried and/or recipies that look delicious.


jferg said...

If you didn't try the pastries at the Blvd Bakery, you're missing out. The raspberry-coconut one is my favorite. I live a few blocks from there, and stop there for breakfast goodies for my co-workers once in a while. Mmm.
Love the blog, by the way; keep it coming.

Emily said...

I wanted to tell you that your strawberry cake recipe was very timely - I made it for my Dad's birthday. He has had the same yellow cake with whipped cream and strawberries since he was a kid, and I was ready to try a twist on the old recipe.

Big hit. Great blog.

Sara said...

yay for the successful cake, emily!!
glad your dad enjoyed it!

Bridget said...

For over a year I've wanted to systematically sample every bakery and food establishment on Independence. But it seems a little daunting and too unknown. Time to test the waters with Blvd Bakery, I think!

Nelee said...

They are home to the dirt balls. Utter goodness. Soft chocolate cake center, chocolate whip cream coating outside, then rolled in oreo cookie crumbs. Yumm...:)

Mary said...

I am enjoying your blog. I just moved to Kansas City from Louisiana and have found it very helpful in finding good restaurants...AND, I love to cook!