Saturday, August 05, 2006

Alton Brown

I have a giant foodnerd crush on Alton Brown.
I can't help it. I know he has his detractors, for being anal-retentive, for endlessly overanalyzing recipes and food and the how and where and why of everything, but I love his enthusiasm and I learn something new absolutely every time I watch him. We caught up on his new four-part series on the Food Network tonight (Feasting on Asphalt) and I was pretty much glued to the couch for two straight hours. The rules of his cross-country trip (starting in South Carolina, ending in California) included no travel on major interstates, no chain restaurants, and no whining.
They got to St. Louis at the end of the second episode, visiting Ted Drewes Custard, but KC, unfortunately, was not on the coast-to-coast itinerary. It started me thinking, though - what are our best road food establishments? Sedalia has the Wheel Inn (home of the Gooberburger)...I thought of Harold's, but it isn't on a highway...any ideas?


mayor of waldo said...

The word on the street is the Wheel Inn is closing. How about Guy and Mae's Tavern in Williamsburg, KS just off of I-35 would be road food, but not KC proper. L C's BBQ is just off I-435, and Arthur Bryants is just off I-70, and both show off KC's Barbeque.
I do agree about Alton Brown, his good eats is my favorite cooking show, and I have only seen one dinning on asphalt.

- Jameson said...

I was at the Wheel Inn this summer and there was no indication that it'd be closing any time soon. So keep your fingers crossed for that goopy peanut butter soaked burger joint.

Guy and Mae's Tavern is a good choice. I know KCers that make regular pilgrammages there.

True diner? Can you include Town Topic even if it's not immediately near a highway? There's nothing in the urban core near a highway. Nothing.

Lynn said...

I suppose you could include Stroud's, since it is right off I-35.

And I second you on the food nerd Alton crush. I've used his brined turkey recipe for the last 3 years, and his method for cooking the perfect steak never fails. Also, as strange as it sounds, his tofu pie recipe is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

the wheel in is closing September 3rd for good.