Monday, August 07, 2006

Maui Express

In an attempt to try to eat in Johnson County at least once in a while, I tried Maui Express last week. I'm normally leery of eating at establishments that leave coupons on my car, but I've been doing lots of things that are outside my comfort zone lately (filling in on the Walt Bodine Show, appearing in the Star...), so I figured that one more thing really wasn't going to hurt. I'm slowly discovering that my comfort zone is not really the most exciting place to be.
Maui Express was completely empty at 8:20 on a Thursday, but the food was made fresh and the service was still cheerful. At the counter, we ordered Teriyaki Chicken (with the spicy house-made teriyaki sauce, rather than the mild) on noodles and Teriyaki Beef on steamed white rice. The meats were tender and grilled, the vegetables were still pleasingly crisp, and they had Sriracha sauce on the front counter to pump up the spice a bit. The Maui Roll was like grocery store sushi but ice-cold and served with a wasabi soy sauce. The food was quick, healthy, and very tasty.

Maui Express
8750 Santa Fe Dr in Overland Park

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