Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm fighting a big fat cold. Yesterday, when just getting out of bed was a victory, I had carryout Ginger Basil Chicken from Blue Koi. When I'm sick, this is my go-to meal. That and a pot of really hot tea with honey.

Today I made it to work for about 3 hours. On my way home, before crawling into bed, I decided that soup was in order, and made my way to Pangea on 39th. After a Creamy Humita Empanada (with potato, corn, broccoli, and garlic) and a bowl of Soup au Cerefuil (a delicious puree of potato and chervil), I started to feel pretty human.

When I can really enjoy it, I'm going back for a Banana and Nutella crepe.

Pangea Cafe and Market
900 West 39th

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mamagotcha said...

I just did a Pangea review... and I'll be back there soon! Definitely a wonderful addition to the area, even if it is sort of off-the-beaten-trail.

Hope you're feeling better soon!