Friday, May 11, 2007


On the second half of the Food Critics today, they talked about all of our great eating choices North of the river. Since I'm in old Northeast KC, the Northland beckons from my back yard and operates as my 'burbs of choice. So I tuned in to see if there were any recommendations for places we haven't tried. Lo and behold, I think we've missed a place or two.
Longboards was the perfect stop for a late lunch this afternoon as we found ourselves driving along North Oak. They serve "California-style Wraps and Bowls" in a funky little storefront hidden in one of the many ubiquitous strip malls lining the trafficway. We've driven past it a couple hundred times, but I can guarantee you we won't be missing it again.
They have cold wraps, hot panini-style wraps, cool bowls, and hot noodle salads (cold noodles with hot toppings). They have the ginger beer I fell in love with in Jamaica and really excellent garlic potato salad. We tried the Kung Pao panini wrap and the Baja Club. The hot wrap was crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside - the spicy kung pao chicken had a good dose of Sriracha sauce along with rice and crisp veggies. The cool Baja Club combined turkey and bacon with the creaminess of guacamole. It was the way a wrap sandwich should be done - never dry, fresh and crisp veggies in every bite, with not too much tortilla gumming up the works.
They've got great choices for vegetarians and lovers of krab as well as the musclebound protein seeker. We ate for less than $15 and surfed on out of the strip mall, fully satisfied.

California Style Wraps & Bowls
6269 North Oak Trafficway

mon-fri 11am - 8pm
sat 11am - 7pm
closed sundays


Anonymous said...

Next time you should try the Thai Chicken Wrap. Chicken and veggies in peanut sauce. Their peanut sauce is outstanding.

They use to make mahi mahi burgers that were amazing. I don't know why they stopped. We ask about them every time we go in.

Anonymous said...

I went to long john's, yummy.

Anonymous said...

The Pork Luau Is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Aman said...

Really The Pork Luau Is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!Longboards was the most perfect stop for late lunch that afternoon as well as you finding out yourselves driving along North Oak!!! Good job!