Tuesday, August 28, 2007

El Patron

I have a weakness for fish tacos. As soon as I see them on a menu, I stop reading and start getting impatient...I'm ready for them to arrive in front of me on the table before I even order them. I like them on corn tortillas or flour, I like them with grilled or fried fish, and I love the way they brighten up with a big squeeze of fresh lime juice. It's the perfect summer food.

The tacos marineros at El Patron are a welcome addition to my mental list of places in KC that have great fish tacos. The tilapia was lightly breaded and then grilled, the pico de gallo was pleasantly spicy, and the corn tortillas were absolutely delicious - fluffier than the corn tortillas I'm used to, and not at all dry. And the dish of salsa they were served with had pineapple in it. It was genius. The whole taco was a little sweet, a little hot and really very tasty.

The rest of our dinner was good, too. The chips were crisp and thick, the hot salsa was true to itss name, and the carne asada with nopales was very well prepared. The cactus was tender with a little bite to it, and the carne asada had just the right hint of spices.

El Patron Cocina & Bar
2905 Southwest Blvd


Anonymous said...

Did you try the red enchilada sauce?
Its the star.

PEARLE said...

I love your blog. There is nothing else like it to find those perfect neighborhood restaurants. A friend and I visited El Patron last night and had the tacos marineros. They were wonderful! Thanks for the tip!

The DLC said...

Good fish tacos at Cancun Fiesta in Westport. Good food, cheesy name. They have a nice vinegary cole slaw type of stuff they put on top.