Saturday, September 01, 2007

Irish Fest

I like festivals. I like standing around people-watching, basically - and that, in essence, is what festivals boil down to, at least for me. It helps if the festival also involves good food, or interesting food, or just funnel cakes. I really love funnel cakes.

Last night's weather made getting out of the house a mandatory thing, and Crown Center is just a hop skip and a jump away from Noodletown, so we made our way down to the Irish Fest for an absolutely perfect Friday night. We haven't attended an Irish Fest for years, but our city is lucky to host such an amazing festival. It is incredibly well-run, toilets are plentiful, the food is good, and I love the location now that it has found a home at Crown Center. There is more room to move, to sit, and to get as close to or as far away from the stages as you like. We were delighted to find a diaper changing station (oh, how my priorities have changed) and we found ourselves surrounded by breeders and their progeny of all ages. It was a fun night.

My husband will tell you that his favorite part about the Irish Fest involves the many Boulevard tents and the scotch eggs at Hamish's Kitchen. If you're willing to shill out $6, it's a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage and then deep fried. (That sentence either made you a little sick or a little hungry.) Surprisingly, the sausage was mild enough that it didn't overpower the egg and the effect was kind of delicious. Wrap the whole thing in a piece of toast and you've got breakfast.

Right next door to Hamish's Kitchen were the Heritage Meat Pies. I have a real fondness for this kind of thing - it's good simple food and especially tasty with a good beer. They had shepherd's pies, steak and mushroom pies, sausage rolls, chicken pies, and scottish meat pies. The lines were long and worth the wait.

I finally got to try my first Boulevard Lunar Ale (so delicious) and was holding off on my food consumption for a post-ale treat: the Deep Fried Mars Bar, which ended up being SOLD OUT. It was a tragic moment. I consoled myself with another beer.

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