Friday, October 26, 2007

Lunch Lunch Lunch

A couple good lunches as of late...

** Golden Wraps is essentially Jerusalem Bakery's sandwich shop. It's the place you go if you don't want to partake in their delicious $8.99 all-you-can-eat buffet. It has a lot of things going for it, but the big one is that their delicious homemade pita bread is so fresh you could wrap it around a cotton sock and make a yummy lunch. They have a lot of options, but we were most crazy about the Chicken Schawarma wrap and the Sweet and Spicy Chicken. The wraps are loaded and messy and wonderful.

Golden Wraps
located right next to Jerusalem Bakery
at 1404 Westport Rd. in KCMO

** LC's Hamburgers has something of a rabid fanbase. Loyal LC's lovers will tell you that their burgers are better than Winstead's with a very straight face. They aren't kidding. They may fight you over it.
Not being much of a Winstead's girl in the first place, I happily drove through for lunch this week. We barely made it home without tearing into the bag; the smell was intoxicating. The menu tells you that regular cheeseburgers come standard with ketchup, mustard, and onion. What it doesn't tell you is that those onions are so perfectly cooked that they meld with the burger into this kind of happy marriage that I could eat every single day - they're probably grilled, but they were almost carmelized and sweet and delicious hiding under my thin and crispy edged burger patty. It's worth the drive to the Northland. Cross the river.

LC's Hamburgers Etc
7108 N Oak Tfwy in Gladstone
or 7612 NW Prairie View Road in KCMO

** I miss La Cocina del Puerco, too. Obnoxious partying pig mascot and all. But I was happy to find that the carnitas and mole at Austin's Cantina still hit the spot. They have pretty good specials - half-price carnitas on Thursdays, all-you-can-eat tacos on Tuesdays, and half-priced burgers on Mondays. Sources right across the table from me declared the burgers "awesome," and their Olathe and Gardner locations (of Austin's Bar & Grill) are popular spots for good bar food.

Austin's Cantina
9097 Metcalf Ave
in Overland Park, KS


Price said...

Technically, the LC's on North Oak is in Gladstone, not KC. Not that it really matters, I guess. Just sayin'.

Sara said...

point taken. correction made!

::Andrew:: said...

mmm... I dont' know that I can peel myself away from the buffet if I am within 100 yards of the Bakery, but I will have to try Golden Wraps one of these days.

pomegranate said...

Mmm.. I am not an onion fan one bit but I seriously love those caramelly onions on LC's burgers. Mm!!!

Anonymous said...

I've eaten at the Golden Wraps quite a bit. It's one of the few decent restaurants open when I eat lunch -- around midnight.

The gyro is quite delicious, and I like the big puffy steak fries.

Sara said...

Their fries were outstanding.
They fry up a mean falafel, and the frying skills extend well to the french fries...