Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sabor Centro Americano

We're making a little project around here out of eating on the East side for the next couple of weeks. There are places we've always wanted to try, but we normally drive right out of the hood when we leave home on our dining adventures. Last night, on the way home from a long drive, we stared longingly at the food truck parked on Independence Avenue and decided it was time to quit being so stuck in our ways.

Our first stop was for pupusas at Sabor Centro Americano. Voted "Best Pupusas" by the Pitch this year, it seemed a sure thing, and it was. The pupusas had amazing corn flavor and the perfect amount of filling. The two we tried - with steak or beans and cheese were delicious with and without the slightly spicy homemade dipping sauce and the tart cabbage slaw that they came with. While I waited for my pupusas at the counter, I studied the menu and planned my next fourteen visits. (My next will have to be for breakfast. And that breakfast involves fried plantains. Mmmmmm.) You can drive through at Sabor Centro Americano, but you might as well get out of your car and come on inside, have a cold bottle of Jarritos and watch a little of the soap opera on the TV.

Sabor Centro Americano
2661 Independence Ave in KCMO


Anonymous said...

I loved the pupusas, they rocked. Could be the worst chips and salsa I have ever eaten, most likely.

Sara said...

I didn't get any chips or salsa!
Glad to know I wasn't missing anything...