Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dolce Baking Co.

It isn't too late to bring home a special treat for Valentine's Day.

Last week I popped in to the Dolce Baking Company in the Prairie Village Shops and emerged with a big stupid grin on my face and a box filled with coconut macaroons. I claim to be indifferent to coconut, but lately nothing tastes better to me than this delicious cookie, and the macaroons I brought home from Dolce were the best I've had.

The case was filled with so many other delicious treats...I've had a moist and subtle orange almond cupcake there, with a fat swirl of cream cheese frosting that was really and truly good. I've also had the misfortune of choosing a s'mores brownie which looked good, but was strangely without flavor. The baklava was a hit with some of my fellow customers, and you can't go wrong with chocolate dipped strawberries. They have gorgeous cakes and creamy chocolate mousse, but if they have the macaroons, don't even think twice about picking up a few. They were moist and chewy and slightly crisp on top, with a perfect layer of chocolate on the bottom which brought it all together. Perfect sweets for your sweet.

Dolce Baking Company
6974 Mission Rd in the Prairie Village Shops


Sara said...

Is that the smores brownie in your photo? Man. I can't blame you for trying it. It looks amazing.

Sara said...

it does, doesn't it??
i'm hoping i just got a bad batch.

Accountant By Day said...

I'll have to try those out - I'm a fiend for macaroons and my favorites are the ones from Connie's Cookie's over near 95th & Metcalf. I consider Connie's version a very respectable macaroon, but am always curious to try other interpretations on the coconut theme.

I listened to the food critics edition of Walt Bodine today and thought of you!

enthusia said...

i have to say, i am partial to the almond macaroons...the ones that are a sort of meringue-like texture. i've never liked the coconut ones, but i, too, have been craving that flavor of late.

i guess it is good to be exposed to so many tastes and textures--apparently, first encounters seed our minds for future cravings!

Anonymous said...

You can't go wrong with this bakery! The owner and staff are very attentive and the bakery items very good. I had some of their granola last week and it was the best I've ever tasted (sweet but not too sweet).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet review. I agree about the smores brownie..we are in the process of working on that recipe...check in next week!

Sara said...

almond macaroons? oh my.
now i have to stop back in for homemade granola AND the re-tooled s'mores brownie.

Anonymous said...

I loved the baked goods and the coffee rivals Starbucks next door...however the music selection was hard to handle. No emo or hard rock while I am trying to relax please. :)

Anonymous said...

The treats here are delicious, and I must agree about the staff. The minute I walked in I was greeted very warmly, and the two girls behind the counter helped me pick out something for my wife and I's Valentine's dinner. They tied ribbons for my box, and the atmosphere was great. The music is a little harsh, but this was definitely a stop I'll be making more often!

Anonymous said...

I was in NYC a few weeks ago and I had an amazing cupcake from this great little bakery. (I can't remember the name of the bakery but it wasn't Magnolia's). When I got back home, I was sad because we don't really have any little bakeries like that around KC. Then I found Dolce Bakery last week and I got an amazing cupcake there. Lots of the baked good looked delicious and the staff was very friendly. I'll be sure to stop by again!

Anonymous said...

Dolce Baking Co. is a must if you love sweats!! I have tried several things and my family is always asking if I'll be around the village area so I can bring them home the best cup cakes we have had in the city!!
My boys especially love the Tiramisu and myself I love the rustic apple tart.

P.S. The big cup cake is such a cute way to celebrate a special occasion