Friday, February 15, 2008

Genghis Khan

I like Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbecue. It is loads better than that BD's place out in Johnson County; they have excellent cocktails, cool photographs up on the walls and I just get a really good vibe every time I'm there. They're always really kind to the boy, and I like talking to the owner when she makes her rounds to make sure that everything was good and that we're happy. I especially like the location up north, in the Shops at Boardwalk at I-29 and Barry Rd.

Sometimes, I'm just hungry for a giant bowl of broccoli and edamame cooked over outrageously high heat by men wielding wooden paddles.

This week, on our lunch outing, my Mom veered from the barbecue to order one of the specials listed on the board outside - it was shocking! Unheard of! I don't even look at the menu anymore! Now (thanks, Mom) I have a serious quandry on my hands. Her special was so delicious that, were they to make it a regular menu item, I would be unable to order anything else. It was the Sriracha Shrimp - and it was amazing. The big beautiful fat shrimp, very lightly breaded and perfectly cooked, were served in a bowl atop shredded romaine lettuce and dressed with a creamy but slightly spicy sauce that had a color that reminded me of light curry and a taste that was smooth with a hint of coconut milk. It was served with Taiwanese Sesame Bread, which was a chewy delight with loads of sesame flavor.

Just a tip from me to you: if they offer it, order it.

Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ
3906 Bell in Midtown
8634 N Boardwalk


DLC said...

Thanks for this--I've never been there because I assumed that it was like BD's--an overpriced, icky chain.

Spyder said...

It's my very favorite restaurant.

Bull E. Vard said...

That shrimp special was tough to pass up.

William said...

I remember when Genghis Khan on Bell first open in the early 90's...they used to let you have a take home box during the lunch buffet. You can imagine how that went (I had lunch and dinner for 3 days) and it was shortly discontinued.

Anyone know how to make that sweet bread? Yum.

pomegranate said...

oh gosh, we have a late lunch planned with friends here today and then i came and read your blog about it. i'm so ordering that sriracha shrimp if it's on today.