Tuesday, February 19, 2008


In spite of how hungry you may think you are, you really don't need your own order of french fries at LC's Barbeque. I learned that lesson the hard way. They are monstrous, and delicious, and my eyes were just a wee big bigger than my stomach when I asserted that yes, I would be ordering two orders of fries for the two of us.

Lesson learned.

The sandwiches were so awesome it didn't matter that our service was indifferent at best. My turkey had the blackened crunchy bits on the edges and was marvelous dipped in their sauce. The burnt ends looked awesome, and the ham was moist and really flavorful. Sometimes I really don't mind being treated brusquely when the food is good - and this time it didn't bother me a bit. They have good meat, tasty sauce, and big fries. Yum.

LC's Barbeque
5800 Blue Parkway in KC


Brian said...

Hands down, my favorite barbecue in the city, and their fries are the best I've ever had. I always get my own order and eat them down to the last crumb, unrepentantly.

DLC said...

For my money, LC's has the best beef in the city, and is too often overlooked as a prime establishment in the pantheon of KC 'Que.

Anonymous said...

The best beef brisket and fries in town. On a side note, if my wife thinks she can share my fries, she has another think coming!