Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tienda Casa Paloma

They have received their fair share of awards - Best Breakfast, Best Mexican, 10 Best in KC - but I'm going to add my voice to the choir in case you haven't made your way out to Tienda Casa Paloma in Overland Park. When I walked in the door Monday I was kicking myself for not making it more often, and the kicks became a little more insistent once I sat down with a big bowl of their Tortilla Soup. It's Monday's special and it beats the hell out of any other tortilla soup I've ever had. Big chunks of moist and tender chicken, really fresh-tasting stock, little bits of veggies, and a big wedge of avocado on the top; it is perfect in its simplicity, and after a big squeeze of fresh lime juice from the salsa bar, it is nothing short of a cure all. I felt better immediately after eating it, and annoyed that I hadn't been eating it every single Monday. They have daily specials that will make you feel this way, too. Save the beating on your legs and just go.

Tienda Casa Paloma

8220 Metcalf Ave in OP


Conrad said...

I used to go there when Lisa Lara and her husband owned the place. I heard they had sold out to someone so I am glad to hear it is still a good place to good. we loved their food when they were in Union Station and were very sorry to see them go.

Anonymous said...

I, too, enjoyed Casa Paloma when it was in Union Station - I've missed it since they moved further away from my locale. Any news on what the Lara family is up to next? I hope it involves squash blossom quesadillas...
- emily.

Sara said...

i received a forwarded copy of their latest newsletter...here it is, in cut & paste format!

Bernardino Home for Christmas
For the first time in 10 years Bernardino spent Christmas with his family in Mexico! You can just imagine the emotions running high! It was a great time for all of us and now I've got more recipes for that cookbook I am still determinded to write.
The Beach House
Casa Paloma South is a beautiful three level home, filled with gardens and open patios a block from one of the prettiest beaches we have ever seen. Our family lives on the third level and we rent out the four rooms located on the second level. We eat our meals on the first level underneath the coconut trees. Already we have enjoyed sharing meals with some of our first guests at the big wooden table right outside Bernardino's new kitchen.
The Pacific Ocean
The water is clear and clean. The rocks brake the waves and create calmer places to swim. To the left of our home are some very quiet beaches, great for walking, shelling or just being alone.
The Town of San Agustinillo
Our town is a tiny ( they say 200 people ) fishing village with one main, cobblestone street. We walk eveywhere we go. Towns to the east and west offer other things to do besides going to the beach. Fishing, snorkeling, shopping, visiting a coffee plantation or the local market; you name it and we can help you do it Mexican style.
Closest Airport / Rates
There are two International airports close by. Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, both located in the State of Oaxaca and are approximately one hour from our home. If you come to see us on a package, it does include pick up and drop off at the airport. The best price and most direct flights are to Huatulco (Continental Airlines from KC to Houston, Houston to Huatulco, 6 hour travel time!) Our website will be up and running with the rates by April 15th at www.casapaloma.com or if you need help before that just e-mail us at tacoscasapaloma@msn.com We hope to see you soon!

Ginger said...

We just returned from a vacation at Casa Paloma South in San Agustinillo, Mexico. Bernardino, Lisa, Kate & Carolena Lara are doing very well. They treated us like family during our stay. Their Hacienda-style bed & breakfast is very quaint. Bernardino amazed us with his wonderful food and sauces. They took us on a lot of site seeing tours. What a wonderful way to spend time in Mexico, with our own personal guides. This was the most relaxing and restful vacation I have ever taken. Go see for yourself. I look forward to going back to the Lara's B&B next year.