Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oktoberfest: The Meat

While we managed to serve the perfect amount of both pretzels and beer at our Oktoberfest celebration, we bought twice as much sausage as we ended up cooking. We had way too much meat, and a good chunk of it is sitting in my freezer. Not a bad thing, just a classic case of me overestimating what we needed to serve; I would always rather have a little too much.

We served meats from Werner's (Cheddar Bier Brats, Polish Sausages, Bockwurst & Weisswurst), Bichelmeyer Meats (Garlic Knockwurst & Hot and Spicy Knockwurst), and Krizman's House of Sausage (Bratwurst and the sausages they make for Oklahoma Joe's). The overall favorites appeared to be the Hot & Spicy Knockwurst from Bichelmeyer (which were actually both hot and spicy), the Oklahoma Joe's sausages from Krizman's and the Polish from Werner's. I simmered all of them in either water (with onion for flavor) or beer until we were ready to grill, and then they were grilled by people more skilled in the grilling arts than I. They were all delicious.

Totally worth it was schlepping around in the car to all three places, talking to the people behind the counter and really feeling proud of the foods we had to serve. I always remember that KC is a great town to eat in, but sometimes it takes a hunt for great local something to remind me what fun eating here is as well. By the third stop, I would ask the boy what we were there to buy and he would exclaim "MEAT!" It was a crack up.

I think our first annual Oktoberfest will not be our last.

(Stay tuned for my next post, featuring potato salad with ungodly amounts of bacon.)

5736 Johnson Drive in Mission

Bichelmeyer Meats
704 Cheyenne Ave in KCKS

Krizman's House of Sausage
424 North 6th Street in KCKS