Sunday, November 02, 2008


Yesterday was an astoundingly beautiful and warm day, and after eating a leisurely meal outdoors at Grinder's we headed North to the P&L to grab a treat. It's hard to tear myself away from Murray's ice cream this time of year, since I know that a long cold Murray-less winter is approaching, but I wanted to try Yummo, Chef Dalzell's new self-serve frogurt parlor to see if it would be an acceptable wintertime substitute.

The good thing is, I was interested enough in thefrozen yogurt flavors I didn't try to go back and give it another go. The bad thing is, I didn't try anything sufficiently weird or bizarre enough to warrant the feeling that I wasn't eating anything remarkable. I like the layout - I like choosing my own yogurt and toppings and I liked that there were lots of frozen yogurts to choose from. (Next time I'm having a little dollop of all the things I wanted to try - the gingerbread, pumpkin, peanut butter, and pistachio.) But for the first try, I wanted to stick with the basics and so I grabbed a chocolate and a vanilla. They were both sufficiently creamy and met my need for something cold and sweet, but the flavors seemed off to me. In lieu of being really good, they just seemed a little too much - a big burst of vanilla and chocolate right at first which gradually faded to something artifical tasting. I was also a little annoyed that none of the toppings were labeled. I can identify fruit and candy on my own, but I'd rather know what I'm looking at and not pester the pretty girls behind the counter.

All in all, the concept is there - it's like getting our very own Pinkberry - but I'm not quite sure about the product yet. The price is right (49 cents an ounce), the location is great, and I'll try it again. My advice: go, and go with your gut...maybe your gut likes green tea. Or a strawberry smoothie. Or white chocolate yogurt and Cap'n Crunch. You deserve dessert.

P&L District - right next to Chefburger


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you giving Yummo a try. I work there and love the environment, the concept, and the people. The shop is still new and they are still getting the kinks out but all in all, it's great. You should definitely come back and try new flavors and make suggestions. And don't worry about asking the girls behind the counter about the toppings. After all, you do most of the work so we like having something to do. But I will make a suggestion about labeling. Thanks for the review!!

DLC said...

Is the frogurt cursed?

Sorry, couldn't resist.