Monday, November 10, 2008


It is really too cold to follow up a post about frozen yogurt with one about ice cream, but I can't help myself. After weeks of casually searching any grocery store we happened to be in for the new Shatto Ice Cream, we finally found a pint of chocolate at the Hy-Vee North of the river (207 NE Englewood Rd, to be exact) and brought it home for a taste test.

At first taste, I wasn't in ice-cream heaven. The texture is different than I expected - less creamy, more chewy - but the flavor was a really pleasant mellow chocolate. Much like the milk, but even lighter, less rich. As the pint started to melt a little in my hands, it got even better. I have the most pleasant aftertaste in my mouth now and I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh the ice cream tasted. Yum.

Now I'm just waiting for them to come out with root beer ice cream. Their root beer milk could only be improved by making it into a frozen dessert treat. Root beer ice cream in a root beer float? Words fail me to describe how awesome that would be.


Lasagna Raso said...

Looks delicious this shatto ice cream! I’ve been on a big recipe “kick” lately, as I have been trying to expand my diet beyond the same old. Doesn’t look to hard to make either, so thanks for that.


Susan said...

Chewy, chocolate treat. What more do we need. Winter or summer chocolate flavored desserts are always in. The concept of Root beer is new for me. Can you let me know what exactly is it.

Anonymous said...

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