Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I love Harry's Country Club. It is my favorite outdoor eating and drinking venue in the city and a great place to show off KC to an out-of-town guest. They have a great beer (and whiskey...and tequila) list, I have yet to eat anything off the menu that I didn't enjoy, and if you're lucky enough to have Rose as your server, you're guaranteed a good evening. (She's "sparky," as my mother-in-law likes to say.)

Start your evening with the onion rings, which are served with a roasted ancho ketchup. And while I'd eat an old shoe covered in the roasted ancho ketchup, these rings are even good nude. They have awesome sandwiches, including a yummy Catfish Po' Boy, a messy Patty Melt, and a delightfully lowbrow Fried Bologna on white bread. The sandwiches come with fries that are perfectly thin, crisp, and salty.

The City Fried Chicken has a creamy pan gravy and comes served with garlic cheese grits, while the Pork Chop Adobada is marinated in a flavorful blend of stuff and comes with a huge chile relleno and corn relish. It's a dish that will make you the envy of your table. If you have room, polish your meal off with a milkshake, or maybe just another can of Old Style.

Harry's Country Club
112 E. Missouri Ave, in the River Market


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your blog.You do a great job capturing the food scene in KC.

You've mentioned several of my favorite restaurants. One comment, many posts back you asked if anyone knew of a place to get great scones. Have you tried the YWCA's Corner Coffee Cafe in Downtown KCK? They serve the original HoneyMom's scones from chef Susan Sanchez. They have a new chef now but the scones are just as good as ever. I think they are only open Monday-Friday though. Yummy soups, salads, and other pastries too!

Sara said...

Those were some amazing scones! I think I'll be making a trek to KCK! Thank you!